Improve your Credit Score with Rent it Furnished

Rent it Furnished is excited to announce the integration of FrontLobby, a premier platform for credit score management.

This integration is set to transform the tenant and property owner’s experience and represents a leap forward in our commitment to transforming the rental experience for both our tenants and property owners. This collaboration aligns with our steadfast pursuit of client satisfaction, offering a complimentary opt-in service with FrontLobby that aids in building robust credit scores for our tenants and increasing on-time payments for our landlords. The integration of this groundbreaking feature introduces an exciting avenue of financial possibilities for our client base.

How It Works

Rent it Furnished Tenants can conveniently subscribe to our credit reporting service, free of charge, via our user-friendly portal and upon enrollment, their timely rent payments will be reported to FrontLobby, positively influencing their credit scores.

This process of rent reporting is mutually beneficial for tenants and property owners. It allows owners to acknowledge punctual payments, while tenants receive due recognition for their steady rent payment habit.

Studies have shown housing providers witness a reduction in late payments ranging between 36% to 92%, reinforcing credit and enabling superior financial opportunities. Consequently, renters often see an uplift in their credit scores from 33 to 84 points.

We, at Rent it Furnished, constantly strive to provide additional value in our services through the adoption of innovative solutions. The integration with FrontLobby is a testament to our unwavering dedication to the financial welfare of our clients. With this advanced feature, we distinguish ourselves in the rental industry by granting our clients access to technology that can better build their financial future.

Opt-in today and elevate your rental experience!

While opt-in is required to report on-time payments and build your credit score, late or delinquent payments are reported for all payments received after the due date.

For more in-depth details about this exciting new service and other offerings, please visit our website.

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