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Small Space Entertaining

With the holiday season upon us, some of us who are living in smaller spaces, usually condos, lofts and apartments, may feel stressed about hosting holiday gatherings. Small space entertaining can seem daunting. What makes this time of year so special is spending time with family and friends, regardless of the size of our space-nevertheless, we have a few ideas to make your soiree an intimate success. Entertaining in your small abode is one way to bring all those closest to you together in one place by hosting the right kind of gathering.

Host the Right Kind of Party

When considering small space entertaining, knowing how many people you will have in your home will dictate the kind of gathering you can have in your space. Smaller gatherings can benefit from an intimate setting with a few adjustments to your space, while larger ones will need a different kind of consideration.

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Living in a studio apartment or small space that is one room, won’t necessarily allow for lots of guests to enjoy a sit-down dinner-but may be the perfect setting to accommodate appetizers allowing guests to rotate around the room as they mingle.  If your building has party rooms accessible to residents, this is a great option to host a larger group of people.  Booking in advance is necessary and there may be a deposit required to secure the space. Check with your building manager if tables and chairs are available, if not, you may need to rent them from a vendor in your city- again, advanced reservations will ensure you have everything you need if you are hoping to have a larger sit-down dinner.

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Hosting an open party will allow guests to arrive throughout the evening and leave as they please. The nice thing about hosting a party like this, is that generally guests will not overstay, and you will be able to enjoy the company of more people throughout the evening. Have guests bring a refreshment, a small appetizer and of course, holiday cheer!

Small Space Entertaining: Design More Space

While you may not be able to expand  the square footage of your small living space, you are able to make your space work like a larger one.

If you have more than one room in your apartment, consider moving any unnecessary furniture or equipment- such as printers or home office wares into the other room or bedroom for the evening. This will free up the area for entertaining and create additional room for people to mingle as well as create space to place a buffet table and any extra seating.

If you do need additional seating areas, consider larger decorative floor cushions around the coffee table, pull out stools, ottomans and any benches and create conversation areas. Consider pushing larger furniture pieces you might still need up against the wall to open the space. If you need tables and chairs, perhaps a neighbor can lend you some or you may consider renting them and if all else fails, look for pieces that can function as double duty like storage  blocks that act as seating.

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Lastly, don’t forget about coats. Emptying out a front closet and adding extra hangers will keep coasts in check and keep shoes out of doorways to avoid tripping over them.

Add Some Festive Ambiance

You may not have the space for a large opulent Christmas tree but that doesn’t mean you need to go without. Get creative and pick up small table top trees that not only add a festive touch, but add a lovely aroma to the room.

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Embrace your inner elf and display bowls with colorful ornaments, lively poinsettias, tiny white lights suspended from your ceiling and of course, turn down the lights, light some candles and put on some music. Don’t forget about outdoor spaces too, balconies can be refreshing and offer a bit of air for guests, add some outdoor lights and even a small blanket for guests who want to enjoy some city lights.

Do the Chores

There is nothing quite as frustrating for neighbors to be caught in the middle of music, laughter, late night gatherings or parking squabbles. Be sure to notify your neighbors of your intended gathering and how many guests you think will be attending. It is also a good idea to prepare guests with areas where they can park their vehicles and have taxi or public transportation information available. Being a considerate neighbor will go a long way, and why not even invite them over for some holiday cheer!

The Takeaway

Your small space doesn’t mean you can’t host this year’s holiday festivities, all you need is to get creative with the type of party suitable for your space and how to prepare your space for your guests. For more tips on rental living or owning a rental property sign up for our weekly newsletter.



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