Investment Real Estate: If we don’t know it, who does?


There are certain areas in life in where hiring a true specialist will make a huge difference. This has never been more relevant than with real estate investment. In an industry where every realtor, from the novice to the should-be-retiring, is in the “top 1 percent”, hard numbers must be respected. No other realtor or real estate company has worked with as many rentals (over 2000 current rentals in Vancouver alone!) in as many variations of leases as we have and continue to do. Experience is a marriage of time and scope, and RIF continues to evolve and refine its services.

RIF is proud to further strengthen its leadership through its new Investment Realty Division.

Investment is a commitment and we are committed to our long-term investment relationship with our clients. RIF understands that a property evolves over time, from initial purchase to rental to property management and to resale. “The average investment buyer has learned to accept the work of a generalized realtor; however, most realtors have knowledge deficiencies in one or many of these areas that are crucial to making a smart investment decision,” says RIF President, Erika Weimer. “With RIF, every step involves a specialist in that particular stage of your investment which ensures that you receive the qualified advice for tenant placement, property management, and buying/selling strategies.” At RIF you work with an entire investment team where your specialized investment realtor, licensed leasing agent, and licensed property manager strategize your best next move and nurture your portfolio performance.

Yet, what is an entourage without data? RIF knows the big picture of the Vancouver market because our systems analyze the details of each sale and lease. The market is a constant tug-of-war between long-marinading trends and kicks of short-term anomalies, you can follow our Rent It Furnished blog for our most up-to-date analyses of the Vancouver housing market. Using sophisticated ERP technology along with its exclusive buyer’s list, RIF is a seasoned veteran in analyzing market fluctuations in Vancouver’s volatile market, particularly given recent legislation on rental and investment properties. We know how to improvise because the fundamentals are already our second nature.

Here is a great example of this working relationship with a long-term client on an exclusive real estate investment listing  Currently for sale, and looking for a new Investment Buyer, this fabulous condo was initially marketed by us for tenant placement services in 2010, then was signed on for full property management, and is now it is being offered for sale. A perfect investment as a turn key property with proven history and strong rental income.

RIF invites you to learn more about why we are the best option for your Real Estate investment needs. To find out more about the numbers behind this investment property, the leasing scenarios available and how one of our Investment Realtors can help, feel free to contact us. A leasing agent and our experienced realtors will be happy to work with you on this, or any other investment property you are looking to buy or sell.

If you are interested in purchasing investment real estate, sign up to our Exclusive Buyer’s List to be the first to receive our newly listed opportunities.

Written by Sarah Wang


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