Investor Success Stories – Helen Crabtree


We sat down for a call with a long-standing client, Helen Crabtree, at the beginning of 2021 to chat about her impressions of our Property Management Services. Helen lives in Europe and owns an investment property in Vancouver that has been managed by Rent it Furnished since 2018. Through Rent it Furnished’s Property Management, Helen is able to have peace of mind that her investment is being well maintained and is always rented by quality tenants!

“I bought my property 2016 and for a couple of years I managed it by myself, I was living in the city so I was local there. And then in 2018, I got a job as a tour guide working in Europe so it was too far for me to deal with the stress of looking after a property from an ocean away.

They sent me a link with all the documents and I went through them and signed electronically. I actually wasn’t in Canada when I signed my contract and that was really great. Once I signed up for Rent it Furnished’s Property Management Services I was kind of expecting to get regular updates on problems, but I have heard so little from them which I think this is really good. Two years have passed now and I get updates on my property only on big important things like levies. Other than that, I kind of see it as no news is good news, there’s not constant emails trickling into my life.

I almost forget that I own this property it’s so well managed, it’s so easy for me to not stress or worry about it. I’ve just been so pleased with Rent it Furnished for taking that stress off my mind.

I think Rent it Furnished is very professional, seamless and the service is done to a very high standard. And they’ve always been helpful and by my side. I think it’s a very professional business and hassle-free on my end. I think they’ve taken very good care of my property. I feel they’ve been very thorough in the checks that they’ve done on potential tenants. I haven’t had any gaps in my tenancy since I bought the property in 2016. So that’s been obviously fantastic. Basically, I have to say if you’ve ever wanted to rent your property out, you can fully trust this company to do a great job.”


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