Rent It Furnished becomes Toronto’s premiere luxury rental service

News – Rent It Furnished becomes Toronto’s premiere luxury rental service

Rent It Furnished is delighted to announce the acquisition of Toronto Luxury Rentals.

The deal, which was completed in May, cements our position as Toronto’s premiere luxury rental service – adding hundreds of new listings to our inventory in the process.

In the decade since we first started Rent It Furnished we’ve steadily grown our offering expanding to cover cities including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and New York City. We already oversee more than 3,000 rental properties and boast a string of corporate partnerships, and this move is just the latest step in our continued expansion across North America.

“Toronto Luxury Rentals is a natural fit for Rent It Furnished family, and we’re excited about the opportunities that the acquisition will bring for both tenants and landlords in the city,” said Erika Weimer, Founder and CEO of Rent It Furnished.

“Toronto’s continued growth as both a hotspot for media production and a thriving economic hub means that there is more demand than ever before for furnished and unfurnished luxury rentals,” adds Weimer. “This acquisition is just part of a larger roadmap that we’ve put together to ensure that both tenants and landlords have access to the resources they need to meet this growing demand.”

The deal is testament to Rent It Furnished’s industry-leading approach that has revolutionized the luxury leasing market in North America. Not only do we consistently top Google rankings, but we also boast the largest market reach in the industry.

We also have an enviable roster of corporate partners including top movie studios, TV production companies and relocation agencies. All of which means that the owners we work with have access to more qualified tenants than anywhere else.

This is just the beginning of our ambitious plans to expand our offering across North America. We already represent the largest inventory of luxury furnished rental properties in Canada, but we continue to work tirelessly to connect tenants to owners of luxury properties across the continent.






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