The RIF Approach to Investment Real Estate


The saying “it takes a village,” could not be more relevant when thinking of investing in Vancouver real estate. One of the peak achievements and biggest investments for an individual is owning property, and most investors who begin to dabble in real estate are unaware of all the details surrounding this big purchase. You might think that your realtor is enough, you got the house right? Or you might think, I can learn this on my own and do the work by myself.

Then there is RIF Realty and their investment team consisting of leasing agents, property managers, and realtors. Each department is an expert in its field, working together to truly analyze the investment’s worth. This is not your realtor or yourself trying to be a jack of all trades but a master of none. And what the RIF team provides are three crucial elements that will take your Vancouver real estate investment to its maximum potential.

The RIF Rental Analysis

Strategy comes from experience and for RIF that means doing a current rental analysis, BEFORE you purchase. This is a customized process that fully analyzes the property you want to purchase, the rental options and strategies available to you and the calculation of an accurate return on investment. It outlines the variables, options, and realistic rental projections so investors can make educated and holistic plans on the ROI and the best use of the property. We do this for you based on the thousands of rentals we process annually in Vancouver!

Yet, the real estate industry in Vancouver is a bit like doing research on the internet. Which sources can you trust? How can you tell what is speculation and what is empirical analysis? Many realtors and DIY investors guess instead of using accurate sources and the correct methodology. We invite you to speak with us first.  With over 2000 rentals in Vancouver, if we don’t know the rental market, who does?

The RIF Investment Team

When buying investment real estate in Vancouver,  RIF believes that it takes a village, and each member adds value by inputting expertise from the field they specialize in. You wouldn’t ask a plumber advise on interior design, and you shouldn’t rely on your traditional, neighborhood realtor to guide you in the purchase of investment or rental property.  Savvy investors use a cohesive team of multiple experts with specific knowledge, and you can too.

From beginning to end, from purchase to rental, our team will be able to guide you in the departments they know best to ensure your investment has a maximum ROI. A leasing agent, a property manager and an IR (Investment Real Estate) Realtor will all work with you to ensure that you are purchasing the right Vancouver investment property, and that your rental strategy and income meets what you want it to be.

Our leasing agents  know what rents first, easier, for more and in what areas, buildings and with which views. As part of your team, a leasing agent will evaluate the rental potential of your unit and can provide you real statistics based on actual data.  Data such as whether furnished or unfurnished in that area is more desirable now, current rental rates, types of tenants looking for those units, common lengths of terms, and all the variables that change year-round. This is information you need to have BEFORE you buy!

At the same time one of our Property Managers will guide you on what should be included in rentals as well as all the other minor details you may never consider.  There are the additional expenditures including strata fees, maintenance fees, move in fees, wear and tear, and the variable expenses that come with a furnished or short term or furnished rental. For RIF’s buyers, this service is mandatory and it is  free when you work with us to purchase a rental property.   You can feel confident in knowing that your team analyzed your investment and will remain intact throughout the life of your property or for as long as you feel it is valuable. With over 2,000 rental properties on our roster, you are working with the best team in the industry.

The RIF Advantage, A Full Cycle Solution

Our goal is to make our clients lives easier, and this means offering a full cycle solution for investment properties in one place. This is the RIF advantage. We started this division based on high demand from investors who want to work with one specialized company for all their investment needs – from the purchase, to it’s quick rental, the full management and an eventual sale. Often their rental rate expectations, set by a well-meaning local realtor, was completely unrealistic and the idea that finding a tenant and property management would be easy and a do-it-yourself job, was short lived. It is a lot easier for us to help someone who purchased the correct rental unit with the right information and expectations and this is what we aim to accomplish at RIF. There is no need to switch companies for each service, we handle it all!

Once your purchase is completed, your leasing agents will be scouting tenants to ensure you avoid vacancy. We fully market your suite and will be completing showings, gathering tenant information and guiding you through the Vancouver rental market to ensure your investment property is always returning it’s maximum profit.

For an even more complete service, your property managers can handle the day-to-day of your investment property. No need to pester for rent, fill out mundane tax forms, or audition potential tenants. Communication is a top priority for RIF and you will get monthly reports on your property and all of your documentation meticulously organized.

Your Investment team remains with you for as long as you feel we are of value and can handle the entire life-cycle of your investment. RIF is here to answer all questions and ensure the best ROI for your property. Don’t take it from us, take it from one of our many first-time landlords who raved about our meticulous approach and diligence:

“I am a landlord that engaged RIF to manage my apartment. They were very patient at the beginning with my gazillion questions (my first time being a landlord) regarding the process and contract. I find RIF understands the rental market and is realistic with the rent. My apartment was rented out shortly after the contract was signed.”
Vivien Lee, Vancouver, BC

If you are buying or selling investment real estate or looking for your first or next rental property in Vancouver, we want to work with you to give you the information you need to make the right decisions. Our team approach is how savvy investors buy rental property in Vancouver. For more information on our RIF Investment approach click here or contact our offices to speak to an agent about Vancouver real estate today.

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