Which Vancouver Neighbourhood Should You Live In?

Deciding to live in Vancouver isn’t a very difficult decision.
Maybe you love it because of the great jobs, amazing walkability in the downtown core, the breathtaking natural landscape and ocean-front views… Whatever your reason, it’s not hard to understand why you would want to call Vancouver home. Now for the tricky part: what neighborhood to live in?

We’ve created a list of neighborhoods based on interests and desired vibes. So, if you’re new to the Vancouver-area or maybe are just looking for a better fit to find your perfect community, this list is for you!

Fast-Paced High Life 

You want to be in the middle of things and love having all your creature-comforts within walking distance. You adore floor to ceiling views from modern high-rises and the luxuries of downtown living. A perfect weekend for you is spent visiting with friends in high-end restaurants and retailers, followed by an evening enjoying the sights of the city. 

Stylish sophistication among cobblestoned streets.

Downtown Vancouver
Luxury towers nestled in the financial district.

Coal Harbour
High-rise haven with picturesque views.

Olympic Village
Modern architecture with sustainability in mind.

Chinatown on the fringes of downtown Vancouver.

Slowed Down Charm 

You are looking for city-living at a slower pace. Heritage and character are features you love in your home and walking down old-growth tree-lined streets is your perfect way to start and end your day. Your perfect weekend is spent in your local yoga studio or meeting with friends at the beach or park and walking to your favourite local eateries. 

West End
Beach town living meets famous shopping district.

Riley Park-Little Mountain
Popular for families, abundant in green spaces.

Beaches, yoga, and tree-lined streets.


Cultural Connections 

What draws you to the city is feeling like you have direct access to culture: from local retailers to vibrant art scenes. You love seeing personality in your neighbourhood and home, from renovated heritage buildings to beautiful new architecture. In your opinion, a perfect weekend is spent finding treasures in local boutiques followed by a scenic walk to your favourite bar that only locals know about. 

Historically hip for locals and tourists alike.

Mount Pleasant
Craft beer, bikes, and beards.

Brunching and strolling with a city and mountain backdrop.

South Granville
Upscale shoppers unite.

Private and Luxurious 

You want the conveniences of the city but at the end of the day to return to your beautiful and private house a short commute away. Spacious living, private outdoor spaces, and an elevated neighbourhood feeling are what you crave. Your perfect weekend is spent enjoying refreshments in your outdoor space or strolling in a nearby park followed by visiting your favourite local restaurant that’s close enough for you to be a regular.  

Cambie Village
City Hall in the “heart of Vancouver”.

Historical homes on tree-lined streets.

Point Grey-UBC
Exclusive waterfront living.

A charming neighbourhood with a welcoming spirit.

Upper-class area with quaint cherry blossom-lined streets.

A luxury shopping mall at its core.

Artistic Community Building 

You crave urban adventure, city living to you means being part of a community of artists and status-quo breakers. Eclectic stylesheritage homes, and community gardens are part of what makes a great neighbourhood in your opinionA great weekend for you is spent exploring local coffee shops and eateries between buying local from retailers and markets, finishing catching an underground show in a small venue. 

East Vancouver
Street-smarts with street art.

Commercial Drive
Eclectic “Little Italy” with a laid-back attitude.

History-rich living close to the city core.

Family Life Above All 

You love the city but also want a tight-knit community to start and raise a family. Quiet tree-lined streets, walkable areas, and affordable new development are what you need in your neighbourhood. Visiting with other families in local parks, enjoying local fares while also running errands and finishing with a relaxing night stroll through calm streets describes your perfect weekend.

Film studios and big-box chains galore.

Community revitalization in a brewery district.

Kensington Cedar-Cottage
Little Saigon in the city.

International cuisine at your fingertips.

Serene and village-like in South Vancouver.

A neighbourhood as diverse as they come.

River District
A vibrant and new neighbourhood with green spaces.


Whether you’re still figuring out the best neighbourhood for you or you are ready to jump into a rental in your new perfect community – our leasing agents would love to provide you with a personalized property-finding experience! You pay no fees while our team of professionals match you with an amazing luxury rental that fits all your needs, including your favourite neighbourhood! 

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