Why Property Management?

During unprecedented times around the globe, more and more people are facing difficult situations when it comes to their valuable property investments. With a higher potential for rental payment defaulting, broken leases and difficulty in finding qualified tenants during mandated social- distancing and self-isolation, the situation is then compounded.

We have been experts in the rental industry for over a decade and our expertise in property management has never been more valuable than it is now. Not only do we understand everything about the market, we are mandated as essential workers during this time, which means our Property Managers and Leasing Agents can facilitate every detail of a rental transaction safely.


Rental properties that are managed by our Property Managers have further access to the following benefits and services.

  • First-Priority Advertising and Property Showings: With a market about to be inundated with vacancies, competition becomes increasingly difficult. With a reputation spanning a decade, we have the largest online listing service in Canada and offer Property Managed rentals first-priority in advertising and showings.
  • A Large Tenant Lead Pool: Because of our ranking online and our tenure in the city, we are constantly able to sift through multiple tenant applications that we receive daily, allowing us to pair the right tenant with the right property. This process allows us to select tenants that often have higher incomes or incomes not affected by layoffs and have stronger financial stability.
  • Flexible Payment Methods: Given uncertainty in the economic market, our Property Managed Rentals give tenants the ability to pay with Credit Card, so if they are in a predicament this opens up payment options not offered otherwise. This is also an added selling feature for renters looking for flexible payment options.
  • Agent Representation: Tenants are more likely to rent properties fully managed by professional companies, especially during uncertain times where social distancing and virtual-property showings are necessary. Our company is vetted not only by tenants, but clients who use our Property Managed services.
  • Handle all aspects of Move-In and Move-Out and Property Management: If our Property Managed Rental Clients are ill, quarantined and safely practicing social-distancing our expert Leasing Agents and Property Managers are adequately trained to facilitate everything from showings, documentation, payment, repairs and more.