Rent it Furnished is Fully Operational: How We Are Adjusting Our Services To Serve You


Rent it Furnished is Fully Operational: How We Are Adjusting Our Services To Serve You

 While Canada is amid unprecedented public health and economic crisis, essential services must continue to operate despite new challenges, restrictions and safety parameters. Property Managers are a part of this essential service and the rental market must continue to operate despite these challenging times. As we all endeavour to stay home, isolate and wait out the storm, our agents are mandated to protect the interests of our owners and tenants alike and to do so safely. What has changed is Rent it Furnished’s response to COVID-19 and how we are keeping not only our agents and team safe but our clients, tenants and our commitment to public health and safety.

We are OPEN and here to help

Landlords have been experiencing unprecedented rental cancellations, delays and vacancies (especially in shorter-term housing) and tenants have been scrambling desperately to find affordable and furnished homes after returning to Canada unexpectedly or having to isolate from family members due to COVID-19 fears or infections.

Although showings and leasing signings are mostly conducted virtually, we are still busy helping tenants find rental homes. Property Management services have not seen any interruptions at this time and we have implemented new procedures to ensure everyone’s safety and health. We are committed to our clients and will remain open and operational, utilizing our automated systems, online reporting and dispatching tools to show properties and manage rental suites for our clients.

Here is how we are keeping everyone safe and healthy during this exceptional time.

Property Showings

We are presently showing potential tenants properties virtually; this means that our agents are operating with low to no contact rental showings for tenants. When absolutely necessary to show properties in person, we have adopted the following procedures:

  • Use disinfecting wipes to clean commonly-shared surfaces like door handles.
  • Ask visitors to limit physically touching items in the home.
  • Refrain from greeting others with handshakes.
  • Encourage clients to thoroughly clean and disinfect the house after viewings if applicable.
  • Request clients or attendees to notify their Leasing Agent or Property Manager if they become ill within two weeks of a showing. If an attendee does become sick or is diagnosed with COVID-19, communicate this with the Leasing Agent and Public Health Authorities immediately.
  • Avoid sharing items such as phones, tablets or laptops.
  • When necessary, disinfecting tablets, phones and laptops if shared.
  • Requesting those with symptoms of COVID-19 to remain in self-isolation.
  • Social distancing: keeping at least 2 metres from others as per Public Health guidelines.

Property Management 

Rent it Furnished’s Property Management is fully operational with the above stipulations in place.

We are still conducting move-in and move-outs, however, this is now being done virtually or at different times with tenants to avoid contact and practice social distancing. All of our systems are automated, and our accounting department is working remotely to ensure all services are operating normally. Most Property Managed tenants pay their rent online and, as such, there has been no disruption to our services.

We are encouraging those looking for help with full property management(link) or filling vacancies during this time to contact us promptly.  Please avoid unnecessary contact with the public and ensure a smooth and healthy transition with your new tenant by contacting Rent it Furnished in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.





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