Rent It Furnished opens Montréal office 

News – Rent It Furnished opens Montréal office 

Today we are delighted to announce the opening of our dedicated Montréal office. (Press Release). 

Located at at 500 Place d’Armes, the office will be the hub of our operations supporting both tenants and owners of luxury properties across the city. With a dedicated team of local real estate experts providing services in five different languages, we’re excited to get to work.

“We’re delighted to open the doors to our Montréal office” says Erika Weimer, our Founder and CEO. “The move has been an organic one for us. I actually visited the city for the first time a few years ago and was blown away by what I found here. But what I found really interesting was how the real estate market was starting to boom here.” 

That boom has been noticeable in recent years as Montréal has started to see the effects of the thriving real estate markets in Vancouver and Toronto. While those two Canadian cities are traditionally investment hotspots, the recent implementation of taxes and restrictions has made investors up and move to Montréal.

A world class solution for a world class city 

Alongside an influx of investors the city is also gaining a reputation as a world class location for technology companies and entertainment production. Throw in the issues caused by a clampdown on Airbnb rentals and it’s no wonder that there is a growing demand for our expertise.

“It all happened organically for us,” says Erika. “Whether it was investment buyers, companies looking to place employees, or the crackdown on short term vacation rentals, there was more demand for furnished units in the city than ever before.”

“We’re here to help meet that demand, but we knew we couldn’t do it from afar. Montréal is a one off, and the city’s homeowners and tenants needed a solution that’s as unique as they are. That’s why we opened a dedicated office and filled it with local experts who call the city home, people who know Montréal inside and out and who can bring that level of expertise to our clients and customers.” 

The team includes both Leasing and Property Management specialists to help both tenants and owners to our industry leading resources that have helped to revolutionize the luxury leasing market in North America.

Growing fast

Despite only recently opening its doors, the Montréal office is already off to a fast start. 

“We’re currently representing more than 400 units in the city which is great news for tenants,” adds Erika. “We’ve also built an extensive network of corporate partners, which is important for owners who can rely on a steady stream of qualified tenants that they simply wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.” 

Our approach in Montréal is just part of an innovative strategy that we’re using to revolutionize the industry. Not only do we consistently top Google rankings, but we also boast the largest market reach in North America. We invest heavily in technology and are constantly working to make our listings and management systems as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, providing both tenants and owners with a seamless service. 

Continued expansion 

Our Montréal office is just the latest stage in the growth we’ve experienced since first opening our doors a decade ago. Today we oversee more than 3,000 properties in cities including Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary and New York, alongside a string of corporate partnerships. And we’re not done yet. Our expansion across North America has continued apace with growing operations in US cities like Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco. 

“Our goal is to help connect tenants and owners to the resources they need wherever they may be in North America,” says Erika. 

Here to help

If you’re a tenant or an owner looking for help with your Montréal office, get in touch with our team at 438-259-3220 or [email protected]


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