Update and new details on the British Columbia Temporary Rental Supplement Program & Ontario Assistance

Update and new details on the British Columbia Temporary Rental Supplement Program & Ontario Assistance

We have all been waiting for this! Finally, the newest information and application links for the BC rental subsidy have finally been released.  Please see below for important information pertaining to tenants and Landlords. It is important to note that BOTH tenants and landlords will need to apply for this support payment, with the Tenant initiating the application. If Rent it Furnished is managing your property, we will handle the landlord portion of the application for you.

As part of the British Columbia’s 5 billion dollar action plan to assist BC residents affected by COVID-19, the BC Temporary Rental Supplement Program (BC-TRS) gives tenants and landlords temporary support towards rent payments for renters who have been impacted by COVID-19. Payments for those who qualify will be made directly to the landlords of eligible households.

Who qualifies?

This new program will provide a temporary rental supplement for April, May and June 2020. It will cover part of the rent for low- and moderate-income renters who have lost income as a result of COVID-19.

How does it work?

Applicants will only have to apply once. If they apply in April, they will get payments for all three months. If they apply in May, they will get payments for the two remaining months. It is anticipated that the first payments will be provided before the end of April.

What is the rental subsidy?

The program gives $300 per month for eligible households with no dependents, and $500 per month for eligible households with dependents.

Who needs to apply and where?

Both the Tenant and Landlord need to apply for the benefit. More information on eligibility and the application for assistance can be found on the BC Housing website.

What other support is being offered right now?

In addition to the BC-TRS, there are also other assistance programs available through both the Provincial and Federal Governments. These benefits include The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), the BC Emergency Benefit and additional assistance for other qualifying individuals. The BC Emergency Benefit is for individuals who have had their ability to work affected by COVID-19; this benefit provides a one-time, tax-free $1,000 payment.

Additional benefits for those who fall under different categories within the province of British Columbia, such as disability or social assistance, can be found here.

For residents in Ontario

Residents in Ontario may qualify for short term financial support if they are in a crisis or an emergency situation and don’t have enough money for things like food and housing. A crisis or emergency includes situations where individuals have been affected by COVID19, are being evicted from their home, are in or are leaving an abusive relationship or are concerned about their safety. Eligible residents may receive approximately $733 for a month if they are a single person and need help paying for food and shelter, more if they have children. This benefit can be supplied for up to 48 days.

Residents who may need this assistance can apply for Ontario Works online or by calling their local office.

Can Rent it Furnished Handle the application process for me?

If you are a tenant, you must apply online personally regardless of whether you are residing in a fully managed property with Rent it Furnished or not. If you are a Landlord signed up for our property management services, you do not need to do anything further and your property manager will handle this application on your behalf.

Can I sign up for full Property Management Services now, even for an existing tenancy?

We are trying to help as many people as we can during this crisis. Please contact us directly through the phone number or email listed for your local Rent it Furnished office in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto to speak with us about your needs. We are here to help you with tenant placement and full management as needed.

We can help. Contact us today.


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